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Pingo is an E-Learning
application available for iPad
and iPhone.

Great for pre-schoolers!

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Toddler tested!

for iPad & iPhone

Open your window to a new kind of learning!

Learning with Pingo is both fun and effective.

Pingo is designed for kids 1 to 2 years old. It aims to capture every child’s attention through it’s “fun” colours and high-end graphics that’s unmatched by similar e-learning applications.

Pingo is interactive and multi-sensory. By touching the colourful images on the iPad screen, and hearing the sound their touch makes, learning about numbers, letters and shapes becomes a uniquely enjoyable experience.

Pingo is both a toy and a learning tool. As your child plays with Pingo, his sense of sight, touch and hearing are all stimulated which facilitates learning and high retentivity.

  • High-end Graphics
  • Highly Interactive
  • High Level of Fun
  • High Learning Absorption and Retentivity
  • Highly recommended by toddlers!
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  • “Awesome eLearning App! Love the graphics! One of the best out there!”
    - Aram Beheshti

  • “It’s worth it. Highly recommended. Surely tods will get hooked!”
    - Eric John King

  • “This is a fantastic app. Nice graphics and adorable voice over. Highly recommended. A++”
    - Scatt3red

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